Transformers Titans Return: Titan Master Ramhorn

This is a little bittersweet for me.  I have enjoyed the Titans Return line very much.  From the incredible figure designs to the unique, later-G1 characters we were given, this has just been a thrill of a ride.  Ramhorn here represents the very last of the individual Titan Masters.  And while I always love getting cassette characters, it’s somewhat sad that we won’t see any more down the road.


As with all the others, Ramhorn here features a Titan Master, who transforms into very interesting looking head for any Titan Master toy, as well as his Rhino body which transforms from a Rhino into a tank, and then into missile pod, again, wieldable  by any Titan Master toy from the line.


His Rhino mode is simultaneously adorable and awesome.  He has his traditional G1 colors, but with a much nicer, 3-dimentional body, re-tooled from Shuffler (who is also both awesome and adorable).


Tank mode is kind of goofy, as Ramhorn’s…well, horns, become the main “turret”, though half the time in the G1 cartoon, laser’s fired from random points on Beast-formers, so it sorta works.


As a Titan Master head (or Headmaster, if you don’t want to be awkward about it), the face sculpt looks really nice.  While the brown doesn’t really match too many characters out there, it still works for the random-fun aspect of the line.


His robot mode is hilariously-Rocksteady-ish, with a tiny little rhino head on there.

“Say yer prayers toitles, *snort*”

The G1 cassettes will always be some of my all time favorite toys.  I have so many fond memories of playing with them as a kid so I’m thrilled that Ramhorn got the Titan Master treatment, even if it’s in this form and not a “tablet-former” like Ravage or Stripes.  Same goes for Overkill for Soundwave, and it’s nice that they’re balanced out now.


We don’t get a lot of Ramhorns.  It’s nice to add one more to his “collection”…



Would I recommend him?  Of course!  He’s like $4 and is a tiny little Rhino!  What’s not to love?  It’s worth pointing out though that my Titan Master didn’t sit inside the body very well at first.  The solution was to turn the tiny robot head at an angle.  Basically the tiny head is more narrow than Shuffler’s but the compartment that holds the head in place is the same width.  Easy peasy fix.


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