Transformers Studio Series: GRIMLOCK

Okay, wow.  Back when Age of Extinction came out, the Dinobot toys that accompanied the movie were, at least for me, well received mainly because we were getting more than just Grimlock.  They left a lot to be desired, but I gave them a pass because Dinobots!  But boy oh boy was that Grimlock rough.  Both the Voyager AND Leader Class toys were just…weird.  Oh, and looked nothing like the movie.  Well, the Studio Series line has fixed that…with gusto!

img_1753THIS.  THIS is the Grimlock we needed!   From the incredibly accurate paint apps with the dry brushed metallic, to the massive, hulking proportions, there is so much going on here that blows the old toy out of the water!


Like the rest of the line, Grimlock comes with a back drop from his specified movie (in this case, Age of Extinction because he wasn’t even shown in robot mode in Last Knight…*cough*..).


The amount of sculpted detail on this toy is mind blowing.  From small “cables” and panels, to the T-Rex Teeth molded into his chest, it’s just a new level of impressive.  The headsclupt looks pretty perfect too…as much as I can tell.  Finding a still frame of his actual face from AOE is pretty hard. Ugh….

The focus for Studio Series is scale in Robot mode.  Leader class seems to work just great here, although he would probably need to be the old “Ultra Class” to really sell the scale.  I’m ok with the compromise.

T-Rex mode brings it home with improvements over the old toy that rival that of robot mode.

img_1757With a bulky, more “T-Rex” proportioned dino mode, this toy becomes a must own for fans of the movie toys.  It’s almost laughable how much better he looks than the old toy.


He scales well with the new Premium Edition Scorn (Edit) as well, and it makes me hope they’ll  re-issue Slash with more dry brushed paint apps under Studio Series.


He also scales pretty nicely with Studio Series Optimus Prime –


And yes, you can have Optimus ride Grimlock.  It actually works pretty well.


I’d say the only real draw-back here is that Grimlock comes with absolutely no accessories.  Where as Blackout has Scorponok, Grimlock comes all by his lonesome.  You can use the flame effects from TLK Megatron, or any Marvel Legends flame effect if you want though.


BOTTOM LINE: If you enjoy the movies and like the designs, there’s almost no feasible reason to not buy Grimlock.  The pros out weigh the cons by quite a bit:

PRO: Movie accurate in both robot and dino mode, Movie accurate paint, movie accurate proportions and scale (sorta), tons of posability.

CON: No accessories, Dino mode tail is a touch short and really doesn’t “lock” into place.

Overall he’s a total grand slam, like Blackout before him.  At first when I opened him up, I was worried he would have a super complicated transformation, but it’s actually one of the most straight forward and easy to learn of the series.  Another PRO!




      1. also yes, the face is accurate, there scenes where you can check is when optimus liberates the dinobots both the moment when he approaches grimlock to free him while he is upside down, or when they come out of the ship, you can see his face

        also technically grimlock isnt properly scaled, he should be at least wei jiang optimus evasion size(that is more or less a bit taller than rotf leader class optimus(old leader size not current size), still doesnt scale that badly but still not perfect scale, the figure is great though also scorn itself was almost as big as grimlock both in robot or dino modes, but he was obviosuly less important than him, so people still think he shouldnt be as big

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