Transformers Studio Series: Brawl

I suppose it’s inevitable that with a “movie-verse” movie coming out this year, there’s been an uptick in Movie toys.  But man-o-man are these Studio Series guys neat.  Let’s take a look at everyone’s favorite punching bag from the first movie, BRAWL (or Devastator…because names I guess..)


I know the movie-verse films get a lot of heat and to be fair, the last two movies really were quite terrible.  However, the first film still holds a special place for me and I’m thrilled we’ve gotten nearly the whole cast at this point other than Iron Hide, Bonecrusher  and Barricade, two of which I’d be willing to bet are in the works.  (Fingers crossed!)  Brawl here had a somewhat forgettable role as basically a late movie punching bag for the good guys, and while they eventually took him offline, he sure put up a heck of a fight.


Brawl transforms, in a rather unique style to his M1A1 Abrams tank alt mode.  He’s screen accurate for a most part (though I think he was all green in the movie, not cameo green), and comes with his Mission City backdrop inside the box (I neglected to take a picture of this).


He has a remarkable amount of articulation.  Though he retains his “wirey” look from the movie, all of his joints are nice and secure and he stands perfectly balanced in any pose you can think up.


His paint apps are clean and crisp and the sculpted detail is really quite impressive even for a line known for spectacular detailing.


You can also remove his accessories/weapons from Tank mode to make it appear far more realistic.

He scales with the rest of the line perfectly, as again the point to this specific line is to have robot modes in scale with one another.




If you’re looking for a definitive set of Movie-verse toys, I have a hard time saying you should pass any of these guys up.  The detail and design put into each figure is just incredible and they’re fun, good looking toys.  Naturally if Movie stuff isn’t your jam, there’s nothing that will win you over here.


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