Takara Generations Selects: Star Convoy

So apparently Takara Tomy will be doing their own entries into the Generations Selects line. This is good news! Where Hasbro has released repaint/retools of Siege, TT has entered the fray with Star Convoy and will be releasing the Seacons later this year. This gives me a little hope they might also look into making a LioKaiser that might be a bit more character accurate compared to Hasbro’s. (I still really love Hasbro’s version, at least the limbs.) So let’s take a look at Star Convoy!

The toy comes in a TT’s version of the Selects packaging, so instead of the cardboard, “botcon-esque” style Hasbro uses, they went with a sleek, black and white design with the slip cover having the product number and the box having really excellent line art and labels. It’s quite stunning.

Star Convoy is a retooling of Power of the Primes Optimus Prime, with a newly designed chest, shoulders, waist, and legs/shins. The smaller, inner robot is also retooled with a new head-sculpt and detailing. At first I thought it looked a little off, but as it turns out, there’s an homage with the inner Prime:

The Action Master look is really well done, and even includes the yellow eyes! It’s a fun way to incorporate a newer feature to Star Convoy, who, up until this year, hasn’t seen a toy since the last days of G1. It also compensates for the lack of base mode, which the original toy had, and GS version does not.

Star Convoy comes with a solid, silver Matrix of Leadership that fits in his chest, much like the Power of the Primes toy was able to utilize. You can also swap it out for the POTP version if you so choose. The Matrix is designed to attach to his gun creating the “Big Bang Cannon” which is goofy and doesn’t really hold together that great. Meh. I didn’t even take a picture of it.

Some Siege blast effects work with the Ion Rifle as well, which is nice. There’s no base mode, so he does not come with a micromaster like the G1 toy did. Also, as with POTP Optimus, the Semi mode is a little off and leaves a lot to be desired. The additional red used for the robot mode’s arms means there’s more red on the trailer, which is pretty noticeable. However, given the semi mode isn’t too hot to begin with, I’m okay with the trade off.

It’s worth pointing out as well, that you have to apply the stickers yourself. They seem to adhere pretty well, but lining them up can be tricky so use a tweezers or hobby knife when applying them to stabilize the sticker and line things up correctly.

Bottom Line:

Star Convoy is definitely not a must have. I really like how the PotP toy looks and I love how Star Convoy looks even more, but I’m a really big fan of the later era G1 toys so this is directed more at collectors like me. He’s a stunning figure with shining chrome plating on the chest and head crest and looks fantastic in Star Convoy mode, but the inner-action master Optimus, while appreciated, isn’t a strong enough selling point and the semi mode lacks the G1 toy’s distinct look and design. If you like Japanese G1, he’s a solid pick up but if you have no idea who Star Convoy even is, I’d recommend just grabbing the PotP Optimus Prime toy.

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