Heavy Fire at the Crossroads Part 2 – The Stunticons – Decepticon Drag Strip

Done.  Well that was easy.  Of course it sure helps that Takara/Hasbro did the job for me, but who’s complaining?

Part 2 – Drag Strip:

Drag Strip’s kind of a bragging jerkwad, but that’s fine, that’s why I like him….that and he was the first G1 toy I ever bought for myself (granted I was about 7 at the time.)

Here’s new Drag Strip, they used the Classics/Henki Mirage mold for him…which is also fine, because I would have too.

His blaster is from a 3rd party set of weapons.

He’s super pose-able, which is surprising for a classics figure, he almost has the articulation of a Revoltech figure.  Almost.   I’m not too thrilled with the way the head is mounted on the mold, but its the only complaint I have, he looks great!

He even has a bit of a jerk-wad smirk on his face, which is awesome.

His alt-mode is awesome too, though some people complain that the yellow is too bright, but BAH! I say, BAH.  He is missing his signature second set of tires up front, and there is a simple mod that you can use to install them, but you need another Drag Strip or Mirage so PFFFFFT to that.

His front spoiler is his actual weapon, but it looks a little bit like a cross-bow/wookie bow-caster so I keep it tucked behind his back so it gives him a bit of hips.

Two down – three to go.  I’ve started on Dead End, he’ll be a bit more involved seems I’m removing the spoiler and swapping the head out of the Jazz mold.  I also have to paint him the right maroon with gold trim.

Stay Tuned!

-Till all are one –

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