Wow Hasbro……wow.

SO……apparently Hasbro came out swinging for the fences at SDCC this weekend.  Apparently they have a TON of new figures slated for release in the next year.

Some of them are stand alone new releases, like Voyager class Grimlock here:

Seriously can’t wait to own this version of Grimers.

Some of them, like Blaster (previous post) and Impactor here, are redecos of other figures:

Holy crap!!! Its an official Impactor!!!

I’m super excited for Impactor.  As far as I know (and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) – Impactor is a character whose origin lies in the Marvel comics and was expanded on in IDW’s most excellent Last Stand of the Wreckers.   Why is that important?  Well it means that Hasbro is starting to cater to Fans of the series, not just kids.  Only older fans who have read LSOTW would even know who Impactor is so….YAY!

Now – oddly enough, there are 5 Wreckers slated for release, all 5 are redecos of the Combaticons, which means they also combine.  I’m not 100% sold on this idea, but its something I could get behind eventually and at least Hasbro’s trying.  I have to give them props, we went from a lull of nothing but PRIME garbage to a myriad of Generations guys coming out!

I will give them all my money and I shall rejoice.


  1. Impactor actually originiated in the Marvel UK run by Simon Furman in the 80’s as the leader of the Wreckers. Back then he was a very obscure character and only with his recent IDW appearances has he become more well known. I love that they are doing the original Wreckers, hopefully they’ll do a few more because I really want a Rack’n’Ruin!

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