G2 Bruticus

Okay…well I guess I’m getting all three then….

Thanks to Hsunami Prime over at Transformers Roll Out – I pulled the trigger on G2 Bruticus.  So….now I’ll have all three sets, the SDCC G1 Set, the Amazon G2 Set and the regular set by Hasbro.

What really did it for me, was the super cheap price of this guy – or – maybe I’m just used to paying WAY too much for Transformers, but the SDCC version is running me almost 200 bucks, this was 60 with Free shipping (cause I’m a baller at Amazon).
So many Bruticuses…Bruticai…Brut…eh, whatever.


Also, Runiation, the Wreckers Combiner that’s a redeco of Bruticus is slated for next year so yeah……4 of them I guess.


    1. I’m really happy it wasn’t sold out! I honestly couldn’t believe the price! Can’t wait for this whole line, so many awesome Transformers coming out!

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