Generations 2012 Wave 1

*Sigh*……dammit.  I really REALLY didn’t want to order these guys online.  I wanted to find them in the stores, the old fashion way, but it seems like the Midwest is last on Hasbro’s distribution list and quite frankly, I don’t have the patience for it.


So…I ordered a set of them from .   It also doesn’t help that I’m going out of town next week and I didn’t want to miss out on new stock.

That being said: YEAH!  WAVE ONE!

I’ll probably buy another Jazz and Shockwave anyway for custom works so I can find them in the store.   I really want to repaint Shockwave and maybe toss a different head on there making “Dust Off” the custom Decepticon Scientist I used in War For Cybertron Online Matches.  Same with Jazz, I may repaint him to make “Tracer” my scout.


I’ll post on these guys and hopefully SDCC Bruticus before I leave town.  BIG week for FOC figures for me.


  1. I’m thinking of buying this set too. I already got a stack going at TFS so I can get free ship. Like you I enjoy hunting in the stores, but I’m concerned about not finding Shockwave.

    So you think the Midwest is Hasbro’s last priority? Funny, I think that about the West Coast where I am…

    1. Thats what I was worried about too, because I really want Shockwave!

      I would love to see their distribution chart!

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