Generations 2012

What a great way to make today way better, my set of wave one from generations 2012 came in!


Ive got too much to do before I leave on the weekend, but I’ll bring Prime and maybe Shockwave with me and try to get the reviews posted next week.

Also Bruticus should come in tomorrow! Sweet Sassy!


  1. Nice! I assume you ordered them online? I had to do the same thing, the frustration of driving around endlessly looking for them was getting to me.

  2. I did Ark. I literally hit up every TRU, WalMart, Target and Shopko within 4 cities from where I live and found literally nothing but Prime BumbleBees. So I said the heck with it, and ordered the set. This way I KNOW I’d get Shockwave, who I was worried about finding.

  3. Very nice! I will get mine soon. I saw Prime and Jazz today at TRU. No Shockwave. See my latest post.
    Hunting at 4 different ciites?! I thought only I did that lol.

  4. Nope, not just you HP, I go through a LOT to find what I’m looking for. Glad I picked this up though, seems I was out again today getting errands done and still saw nothing at all. Good luck with Shockwave, I’m sure you’ll find him somewhere!

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