SDCC Combaticons – Onslaught

There is a LOT for me to cover here so you’ll have to bear with me.   – First of all, let me get this down on the record – Onslaught is by far, my favorite of the group here.  FAVORITE:

I think he’s very successfully done, and he makes me excited for Impactor as well.  But….you have to be willing to give him a chance and not write him off based on the stock photos and people not getting his transformations.  He is the tallest of the group, though admittedly, Swindle does have a bit more …”bulk” to him.    The stock photos looked like rubbish though, and I think that’s why people were so quick to write him off.   I will say this – the gun is FAR too big.  That’s why I keep it mounted on his forearm instead of having him hold it.  It just looks…odd as a rifle…its too big.

I mean…meh.  I really wish you could attach it to the back like you can on Bruticus, seems that’s where Onslaughts cannons usually are anyway.   Ah well.  The point is, I love this guy.

Here’s the big thing though – when I opened the box and removed Bruticus, some how or another my Onslaught’s leg was nearly snapped off below the knee!


Luckily I noticed it immediately and was able to put some well placed super glue in there to fully seal the plastic, but jeeze, I still sweat a bit when I go near there (even though I’ve transformed him like 20 times and built Bruticus 3 times now).  Its unfortunate because it basically blew the value of the set into the toilet right out of the package, so that’s why I tried modding Swindle (which I realized now was not needed and kinda botched it more than I realize.)

The head sculpt is outstanding as well.

The fully black head makes his yellow visor practically glow!

G1 Onslaught is all that remains of my original Decepticon collection as a kid – but you can see how their heads are similar.  Universe Onslaught  has been re-purposed to Turmoil (earth mode ver.)but I figured he should be in this shot as well:

Arms folded, looking bad-ass, Onslaught’s here to stomp some Autobot scum.

Now onto the Alt-mode, and this is where he catches MOST of his grief.  But again, I’m going on record to state I really like his truck mode.  I think it works great –

The three biggest issues I’ve seen people gripe about are – 1.) The Arms “covering” Bruticus’ face and just sitting on top of the truck – well, as you can see, the gun NEEDS to be on there.  Its part of his vehicle mode, even in the game.  So the arms aren’t really visible except the hands from the side..but so are Swindles technically.

2.) Bruticus’ head is “just sitting there” – okay, I suppose but:

The face is turned down and the “antenna” to me look like pipes and detailing.  Everything on Onslaught pegs in very nice and solid, so its not like Bruticus’ head is bopping around back there.

3.) The back of the truck is “empty”.  Well Yeah….

I mean…who still has that ramp anyway other than Arkvander?

So I don’t know.  Maybe I’m just too much of an optimist (Optimus?), but again, I really REALLY like how Onslaught turned out.  I like his colors too, but I am excited for G2 and retail release’s colors as well, seems retail will be true G1 colors.
Torso mode is quite good too –

Onslaught’s arms have a bit too much space between the body, but its a minor issue when you see the big guy all put together.  You can see here were the break one the knee was again.  But as a torso, he does great – he has a mid-section swivel, which is clutch! His legs swivel outward too for more natural stances.   Again, everything really pegs in nice (even the arms) and is solid.

So yeah.  I guess I get frustrated with all the negativity this guy gets.  I think people are expecting FAR too much from a company that has to balance material costs vs design and functionality.    But again, I’m an optimist.  I really like this whole set  a LOT and I’m looking forward to finding the RR versions at the store.

So there it is – all 5 Combaticons reviewed – tomorrow the Big Guy himself!  Here’s a preview:

Stay tuned!


    1. Thanks! Its kinda funny how Onslaught has been “beefed up” over the years. The G1 version was kind of a prissy. lol.

  1. Haha, you know that is funny you say that. For some reason Onslaught’s ramp did survive the transition from my childhood to adult while many, many other accessories did not. I never used it as a kid though.

    I think you are right, I don’t think people give Onslaught enough credit. He is certifiably awesome, especially since they kept the same design from the WFC game.

  2. Ha! I thought for sure you would have it. I remember when I lost it as a kid and thought “Meh…oh well”. But my G1 Onslaught’s seen better days anyway.

    I’m glad you agree Ark, think for a first generation Neo-combiner from Hasbro, he’s darn great!

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