SDCC Combaticons – BRUTICUS

Well its been a fun week – this set has been a lot of fun to review and now we come to the final phase – Bruticus himself!

But first – lets get a group shot of the gang!

Just a great set – very happy with how they all turned out!  Combining them is always fun too:

Bruticus online, ready for action!

I showed how the alternate transformation for Blast Off works, but for Vortex, I basically just keep from pulling the extendable joint out. It evens out the arm lengths a lot.

Articulation wise, the arms are somewhat limited, but you can still get some pretty good positions.

Winding up for the P.o.K.e.

Unfortunately, because of Onslaught’s knee, I’m still a bit skittish about moving the legs around. Kinda freaks me out.

Shoulder wings down

I’m not sure how I feel about the “shoulder wings” – I know they should be up, but they seem to look better down. I do have to say, Bruticus’ head sculpt is amazing!

Size comparison with ‘Bee

“Har Har Har, run, tiny ‘Bot!”

Some more size shots:

TFC Devastator
Decepticon combiners
WFC/FOC Decepticons

You’ll notice I don’t have Bruticus carrying a weapon. I feel like the combined weapon is kind of…lame.  Just a jumbled group of stuff:


Besides, most combiners don’t actually use weapons, most just use their fists and brute force…not this:

I’ll shoot you with this…um….thing.

Besides, Bruticus should really have the two cannons on his back.

Battlefield devastation –

Lol setting up this shot my wife walked in and thought I was literally just playing with them, lol.
Finally, I did realize that as much as I praised Brawl for all his tabs, it turns out they all aren’t absolutely necessary, just the bottom two. So you can feel free to transform Brawl into leg mode as such:

So there we go!  Over all, I just love these guys.  I’m really looking forward to the other three sets!
Here’s a final shot – taking his place on the shelf.

I’ve got the TFC Upgrade coming in this week for Devastator. I never really posted on him, but I might as well keep the “combiner” theme going for another few days.
Waiting on some other stuff, mostly pre-orders.

Stay tuned!


  1. Great review of the entire Bruticus set! I am picking him up for sure. Great engineering.
    Were you able to figure out a flame thrower mode for blast off’s arm?

    1. Hey, thanks! I managed to pick up a Tripod for my iPhone so future pictures will be better, once I get a small photo studio set up in my office.

      FRICK! I forgot about that! I’ll have to post an update – I sorta did…its not great but it’s not horrible either. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Excellent, that’s what I did, I’ll post on it with some basic ‘step by step’ pictures too. Thanks Scott!

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