Commentary Post – I HEART Cassttes and the Origin of my Collection

So this won’t necessarily be a “review” post, more of a commentary about a subject in Transformers that is very near and dear to me:  Cassettes.

Let’s party like its 1987!

You see, when I was a kid, I had two older brothers and was subjected to whatever they liked, so that is how I was originally introduced to Transformers.  But being the youngest, I rarely got my own toys, so when I was allowed to actually get a new toy, I had to be sure I knew what I wanted.  I remember being taken to Toys R Us with my brothers and my Dad told me if I wanted to pick something out, the other boys were so I could too.  My oldest Brother picked up SunStreaker, my middle brother got one of the Constructicons, but me…well, I always liked smaller toys (probably cause I was a tiny little dude) and saw this:

Well..not exactly was Rumble and Ravage actually, but you get the idea.  I thought to myself “that’s TWO different toys!”  And because G1 Cassettes were packaged with two very distinct cassettes, I was actually right on.  They were literally two different toys for the (cheap) price of one!

Now, the other thing I always wanted, besides toys, was my own pet.  We had a family dog, but he was really my Dad’s dog and just counted the boys as another member of the pack.   Ravage became my pet.

I carried him with me everywhere.   Literally everywhere.  Even when I got into new toys, I would still always have Ravage close by.   I liked Frenzy, but his leg broke and I pretty much lost both sets of weapons on day two – but Ravage I held on to with a passion.  My middle brother actually started liking the tapes as much as I did and we ended up with quite a few, including Beast Box/Squawk Talk, Raindance/Grandslam and we even split the Overkill/Slugfest set; I got Overkill…not sure how I lucked out on that…and to this day, I still have my actual G1 Overkill from that set!

Eventually, of course, I lost Ravage.  It must have had a bigger effect on me than I though because for YEARS and YEARS I would have the same dream of walking into a store, seeing a “clearance bin” full of stuff and finding the Ravage/Frenzy set in there.  Let me tell you, waking from that dream sucked.  Lol.

My interest in Transformers subsided for a while, until, feeling nostalgic, I Googled Ravage and came across this:

(obviously, not exactly this – I’ve painted the legs and applied the Reprolabels set since)

I did a double take – the Black and Silver, the small cassette shape, HOLY CRAP! It was a NEW version of Ravage.  I immediately picked him up on Ebay…and thus, my Transformer collecting began, slowly at first, very slowly, a used G1 Soundwave here, a Fansproject figure there, but in the last 2 years I have been running on full throttle.  All thanks to little Ravage and the Cassettes.

While I have sold off my old cruddy G1 Soundwave and G1 Blaster that I picked up on ebay, my collection of cassettes continues to grow:

From my Decepticons:

To my Autobots:

I have nearly every MAJOR Cassette Character, except for the Dino-set Graphy and Noise, which I’ll end up probably getting via KO production.

I have third party stuff too – my Eject and Rewind are actually represented by Perfect Effects Ejector and Rewinder.  I had the original cassettes but sold them with Blaster.  These guys look way better anyway, but I may end up getting them again just to complete the set.

I even have Shapeways Purrdator, Thugger w/ Slammers and Snitch (Ravage, Rumble/Frenzy/Laserbeak Buzzsaw) for United Soundwave, but seems the others aren’t painted, Here’ Ravage, he’s tiny:


Ravage of course, is always my number one favorite.  (Stripes is an AWESOME re-paint of the original too!)  and here’s my Ravages, sans BTS version seems he’s in box:

Speaking of BTS – I do, of course, have the original releases, none of the limited edition stuff, but that’s because I’m slightly less enamored with them – I love that Sonicron Soundwave uses Guido Guidi’s unused Soundwave concept from All Hail Megatron, but the execution of all the figures is somewhat disappointing, so I just keep them in their boxes like a good collector:


Cassettes will always have a special place for me, that’s why I simply can’t wait for Master Piece Soundwave and Laserbeak and then the subsequent Master piece cassettes!  I’m also excited for Fall of Cybertron Voyager Soundwave, Soundblaster & Blaster.  I know they aren’t cassettes per-se, but the idea’s still there so I say “yes please!”

And, what spurred this post, I’m also going to pick up ehobby’s SG release:


Until then, I’m off to Toys R Us to see if I can track down a MP Thundercracker, or perhaps the Combaticons (but I highly doubt I’ll find either…)
Stay Tuned!



  1. ahh, nice collection of cassettes. The classic Ravage, that looks like the one that came with Hound. Yours obviously looks much better with reprolabels. My G1 cassettes are all pretty trashed. With the exception of 2: Overkill and Slugfest. They came later so I didn’t play with them as much, but I like them quite a bit and they’re in very good shape still. One of these days I should do a collection of shot of my Soundwaves.

    I guess we all have our reasons for getting back into TFs. I talked about mine back in this post.

  2. Thanks HP! I’ve looked through your list a lot of times, you have an awesome collection!

    Yeah, that’s the Ravage that came with Hound, I still say it was the best Classics toy ever produced, Hound is awesome but a NEW version of Ravage with him? Good luck every topping that classics line!

    I’d love to see your Soundwave collection, just like your Megatron collection!

  3. Cassettes are some of my favorites as well, especially after I found out about the dino cassettes when I first started college. And that is pretty interesting that it was that figure that brought you back. I bet you’re really excited about the Masterpiece Ravage, huh?

  4. Yeah Ark, I didn’t know about the dino cassettes until even after I started up collecting again. Only by searching “G1 Cassettes” did I come across pictures of them.

    I’m more excited for MP Ravage than MP Soundwave I think, lol. As long as they do him right. The initial prototype picture looked a bit “off” but it was just a prototype so I’ll wait to see the painted version. If he’s half as awesome as Laserbeak is looking, I’ll be thrilled!!

  5. Hey Pax- very nice collection of cassettes- I still have two of Soundwaves and two of Blasters cassettes- I know Laserbeak is in my collection, and Steeljaw

    I think my very first transformer was actually windcharger, so I was ecstactic when I found the “hens teeth rare” windcharger for $5 at Ross

    I outed myself as a toy collector here- yu might enjoy the post, and I’d love to hear your thoughts

  6. Thanks SSF! Yeah, I ended up having to get United Windcharger, but I did get Wipeout with him, so that’s not bad. I’ll check out your post ASAP!

  7. The cassettes rock! The Ravage/Rumble two-pack was the first Transformer I saw in 1984. Sadly, I didn’t get it for another year, but I’ve always been fascinated with them.

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