Back Home, Big News

Well I’m back from a great weekend with my Brother, we had a great time! But while out of town, my Buddy Alex, a fellow collector, found a absurdly HUGE Transformers collection for sale for DIRT cheap! We decided to move quick and through emails, I was able to pick out a large number of guys I’ve been trying to get my hands on!


I’m pretty darn excited!

I’ll post on Metroplex tonight, but I had to post on this.


  1. A lot of people hated that re-issue version of G1 OP, but I bought it anyway — it’s the 4th re-issue of him I think I own. Cab looks a little pink compared to the others, but overall nice packaging. Leaving mine MISB. Congrats on that Universe Inferno! Now you need to pick up Maiden Japan’s head piece to complete his look.

  2. Well, he’ll be my first Reissue, I haven’t touched G1 Prime since I played with my brother’s as a kid. I’ll be keeping mine in package too. I may take him out to look at, but then just keep him in box on my shelf.

    I’m excited for Inferno – aside from Artfire and Pyro who are both absurdly expensive, I have the three main Fire Engines released! I did pick up TFC’s Gear of War set, so I’ll have some add-ons for him, but I’ll have to check out Maiden’s piece.

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