Metroplex Reprolabled Pt. 3 – X-11

Well, here’s the big guy himself:

Unlike the other two sets, X-11 doesn’t give Metroplex any added functionality, eyes or hands.  What it does is creates a more perfect, color coordinated version of Metroplex, one that the designers probably initially indended.  As you can see, in robot mode, the main issue this set fixes is the various shades of red the original stickers suffered from.  Instead, they give ‘Plex a more uniform, dark red on all detailing.

It’s tough to get a decent picture as the Autobot sigil is reflective, but you can see on the forarm and waist everthing matches.   The vents on the shoulders are a nice touch too!

Again, somewhat tough to get a good shot, but the turbines added to the left breast are outstanding as well, they give Metroplex a lot of mechanical details he was sorely lacking.

Now, with Carrier mode, there isn’t too much added, aside from the diamond mesh grating on the runners;

There is some chrome/silver added to the barrels of the dual cannons, but really that’s about it.

“to city mode!”

Obviously, this set was desinged to make City Mode look it’s very best, and frankly, I think reprolables hit a homerun!

It was kinda tough trying to get the whole thing in view, so I had to back up to get the shot.  But as you can see, the biggest change are the “window’ed” towers, which simulate a city bustling with activity.

My favorite part is the “Sub Level A” stickers.  They create the illusion of more depth to the complex.  I like that it has a security checkpoint too.






“Family Picture”

This whole set is a bit expensive, but it is so worth the price when you see just what it all adds to the various components of the toy.  Finally Metroplex has the details he desrves!

“Metroplex heeds the call of the last Prime….”

So there we have it.  Just a great set all together and its fun to put on so many stickers!

It’s been a long weekend and I’m outta steam, but more this week from Reprolables as I have the Seacons and HotSpot to post on.

Stay Tuned!




  1. Wow, that really does look fantastic! I wish I wasn’t such a stickler on keeping things in their original condition…maybe I’ll get a second Metroplex just so I can sticker him up!

  2. Yeah Ark, I can understand that. I mean, as awesome as reprolabels are, they do take away the original condition of any figure.

    I still have my “bleach face” Metroplex if you want him, I’d be more than happy to sell him off cheap to you. If you’re planning on keeping him in city mode, the face won’t be too much of an issue.

  3. It really is where the set shines the most. The other modes look nice, but the set makes his city mode just amazing!

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