Well, things have been plugging along quite well here at Pax Cybertron, so I decided to take the site’s appearance in a new direction.


I like the white, it’s a nice change of pace and looks cleaner.


The header image is another story.  I like it, it works well, seems Pax is latin for “peace” and no one is blasting someone else to pieces in the cropped version, but check out the original:


I mean…ehhh…so many awesome things going on here.  And check it out!  PIRANHACON is back there behind Menasor!  That’s awesome!

So there we go, hope you guys like the new look!  If not, we’ll its 50 bucks a year so tough cookies.   But seriously, if anyone has any feed back or suggestions, I’m all ears!
Reprolabled Hot Spot coming up soon, and new DLC for Fall of Cybertron is out!


Stay tuned!



  1. Thanks for the feed back FlyWheels, I should be able to adjust the font, I’ll take a look.

    1. WordPress charges for their “premium” sites that have more features. Dude, your site is AWESOME!

  2. White is good, but I liked how you had it, it felt more friendly. This feels a little more cold, but it is cleaner. Whatever floats your boat, it is your blog after all!

  3. Me too Ark, I took some fiddling around but I finally found how to change the colors. I’m going to keep it dark like the original.

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