PRIME RID – Kup and “Rumble”

I’m just going to combine these two…there’s no need to do separate posts, I didn’t take a lot of pictures because these guys have been reviewed EVERYWHERE by now.

As many of you know, I have no real love for PRIME.  The show is starting to grow on me  just a little, but I don’t like the designs of the main characters at all.  Luckily Hasbro’s releasing non-show characters that are pretty cool.

Let’s start with Green IronHide..I mean Kup:

To me, this isn’t Kup.  No matter how hard I try, its just not a very “Kup like” look.  I don’t really think it’s very “IronHide-y” either.  In fact, the only reason I bought this guy was to try and modify him with some of my extra Kup heads from Generations and his upgrades:

The green barely matches, but it would work I think.  Geeze, I forgot how ugly the original Kup head was.  But I’d prefer this over the “TRUKK IS MONKEE” head from Prime.   Unfortunately, Hasbro was a step ahead of me:

The ball-joint for the head is actually ATTACHED to the head.  So until someone comes up with a 3rd party solution, I’m kinda S.O.L.  He’ll be a shelf warmer until more FOC Autobots come out (Looking at you Sideswipe and Chrome Dome).

And seems I gave his cannons to Retail Vortex, I gave him an old G1 rifle, oddly enough, it’s Swindle’s I believe (so I may give that to Retail Swindle now that I think of it…)

Arkvander over at Mostly Transformers Redux has re-purposed him as his Fall of Cybertron Hound, which works very well too, but again, I’ll wait for a new head (that I’m hoping SOMEONE is working on…) .


Rumble on the other hand, is mostly considered a really awesome toy and I have to agree.  In fact, the one thing I DON’T like about Rumble is that he’s making people say WTF about the FOC line.  He’s very well designed and a fun transformation and looks great in both modes:

Prepare to crumble…before…er…Frenzy.

Just kidding, RIBFIB, RIRFIB, its all fine with me, I go by IDW, so technically, Frenzy is blue for me:

But if you want to call him Rumble, that’s fine in my book.   All of this is a moot point though, because to me, this guy is Splicer.  I ended up giving him Retail Vortex’s swords so:

The yellow of the blades match perfectly with the yellow highlights on the figure, so it seems to work well for me, other than the purple hilts.

I just don’t see this guy as a Frenzy or Rumble, but he’s just too darn cool to not have out on my shelves, so he’s going with my other classics and works as a foil of sorts to Drift!

For now, it’ll do.  I kind of just bought these guys just to buy them.

Anyways, more to come!

Edit: Totally gave retail Swindle his G1 Rifle, looks awesome.


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