We’re back…and I’m not good at math..


So I basically unplugged last week for the Holiday and just to recharge my batteries a bit. This week I’ll be posting again on quite a few things. Onslaught here is ticked because my stupid local stores STILL do not have the Combaticons in.

So..I looked at Kapow toys to see if they had them in stock, they did not, I DID order FOC Ultra Magnus and Frenzy/Ratbat (Rumble and Ravage are already en route) – and got all exited that I was getting them for super cheap…until I ran the exchange rate PROPERLY…*ahem*. Well Math was never my strong suit.

More to come! Stay tuned!


  1. I get a lot of my TF stuff from eToysJapan.com. Good preorder discounts and best off all no currency conversions!

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