Outstanding work by John Long via Reprolables Facebook page, a resolution to the issue with the data discs not ejecting properly has been found:

Image is property of John Long
Image is property of John Long

Where the three red arrows (the bottom “yen” arrow should be more to the center) are in this picture, you will see three small “nubs” on the rim of the opening to Soundwave’s chest.  Simply shave them down with an exacto-knife or sand them off and the data discs will fit easily, and no longer stick when ejecting.

YAY!  Now there’s no reason not to buy him at all!!

NOTE: Do this at your own risk – exacto-knife cuts are terrible so take care when using them.  While I can report no integrity problems with the toy after this mod, you are taking your own chances when applying this fix.  Of course that’s all just legalese.  You probably should just do this and be happy.


  1. Luckily the fix takes about 30 seconds HP! Operation: Fixing Hasbro’s QC stuff.

  2. Someone on Facebook gave me a snooty reply saying “I figured this out right out of the box”. I don’t think its as obvious as that guy makes it sound, I spent a lot of time looking at the chest compartment trying to figure out what was the issue.

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