FOC StarScream

I need to play catch up a bit here in my posts, so we’re back to FoC Generations. Next up is Ol’ Screamer himself:


Starscream is one of two original molds for this wave, thus he gets a lot of attention and rightfully so, seems he’s quite excellent!


While his coloring is a bit saturated like Ultra Magnus, he still exudes the classic Starscream look. One really cool aspect, being a huge fan of IDW’s ongoing Transformer series, they have drawn Screamer to match his FoC/WfC design (and everyone else on Cybertron for that matter)


So I suppose I could get another for my IDW shelf too, right?

Starscream’s head sculpt is top notch. For one thing, they kept it dark grey, not blue like the Game. I love this. He’s much more G1 looking. But the light piping takes the cake. Check how good this looks!


And that’s just with moderate light behind him, in full daylight, they shine super bright. A+ work on this one Hasbro!

Articulation is very good as well, I think he easily has the most range of what we’ve seen so far:


There is just one issue, he has some pretty visible gaps in his body from the side –


I don’t have a HUGE issue with this, but it’s something to be aware of.

As with the rest of Wave 2, the weapons are all based on in-game weapons from Fall of Cybertron. In this case, Starscream gets the Neutron Assault Rifle ( which looks like the old Scrapmaker).


It’s pretty cool in that the gears behind the barrels interlock so of you spin on barrel, they both spin. You can also separate the gun into two halves and have one on each forearm as well, but I keep it whole:


I do have some kind of cruddy Null Rays from shapeways that work pretty well too,


Size comparison, he’s the same height as the rest. Say what you will about the smaller size, at least they’re all close in height:


Alt-mode, Starscream transforms into a very Game-accurate pseudo-tetra jet:


Again, he has a bit if V.H.S (visible head syndrome), but seems its flipped around, it’s not bad, and the face is mostly covered from the bottom. The guns attach, obviously –


Which looks really cool.

All in all, he’s really awesome. I’m excited for Skywarp as well and I really hope they make Thundercracker too. I’d live to have the WfC seekers all together!

I’m going to try and finish up the last two of this wave ( I don’t have Kick-back yet) and then I’ll have some non-FOC stuff for a while.

Stay Tuned!


  1. I picked him up last week, but he fell prey to having more stuff than I have time to open, transform, photograph and review! I just hope they release a FoC Thundercracker next.

  2. Lol, I know how that goes Flywheels, that’s why I have to play “catch up”. I really hope they do Thundercracker too. I have Skywarp pre-ordered, so I’m hoping for TC.

    1. I believe so, but he was just released, so you may have a hard time finding him. I went the online route.

  3. I love this figure, he looks great and literally just is one of those that is fun to play with. Glad I’ve got this one in this small TF collection here.

    Hasbro really did a great job on their Fall of Cybertron Figures well some of them that is but Starscream was the first one that got my attention out of this entire wave.

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