FOC Soundwave Boombox mode

Ok, so technically I’m using Soundblaster… But here we go: start by folding in his fists and opening the arm panels like normal. I also put the shoulder cannon sideways like so.


Next swing the arms back like normal, and peg in the two panels that cover the head.


Now, instead of folding the arms and tucking them away, swing them upwards like so also, fold the chest panel at an angle as seen here.


Now onto the legs. Swivel the thighs up then outward so they look like the picture, and he’s doing the splits.


Next fold them up at the knee and swivel the tire sections so that the tops face in toward the body and the tires sit on the outside.


If done correctly, the spikes on the knees and the back eject panel should support the unit so it sits flat and level. Finally fold the feet up.


Boom, you’re done. This is open to interpretation though, so you may want to fiddle with it to see of there’s a better method. I like this a lot though and usually keep him in this mode.


Stay Tuned!


  1. Yeah, I mean, its not perfect by any means, but I like it and it IS darn close to the actual look.

    1. Yeah, honestly, I’ve given up trying to find anything in retail anymore. I’d rather pay the shipping and get it now, than wait till April or whenever my friggin’ Target gets a new shipment in.

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