Titans Return Wave 4: Kup

I do find it kind of weird that the two “old codger” type Characters, Iron Hide and his replacement post movie, Kup seem to be battling it out for the same number of toys.   But whereas the latest Iron Hide from Combiner Wars was…not really the best, Kup here shines as an amazing example of the latest design efforts.

At first when I saw him, I wasn’t sure about his color scheme, but I should know by now that the guys at Hasbro know their stuff.  He’s pretty much spot on with his G1 toy:

That being said, Kup is horrible to photograph.  I mean, these pictures look like hot garbage compared to him in hand so you guys will just have to trust me that he’s actually two different shades of teal here, not just a monotoned sea-green.

I love his face sculpt.  It’s ornery and has a bit of a sneer, just like I do on most days.  I guess he’s mostly modeled after his appearance in IDW’s amazing ALL HAIL MEGATRON, but because of that, I sort of always expect to see a Cy-gar in his mouth.

Kup’s Titan Master partner is Flintlock.  NOT Recoil, who was his Target Master.  They sneak “Recoil” into his bio on the back of the card, but I prefer the two characters to be stand alone partners and not related or linked in anyway.  Flintlock is a Titan Master, Recoil is a Target Master.  Anywho, Flintlock looks just like Recoil.   It always amazes me how much detail is sculpted into these tiny little dudes.  I almost prefer them not painted as I think you lose some of the detail if you’re tossing paint on them.

Kup comes with two blaster cannons.  They’re my favorite Titans Return weapons so far because there’s nothing special about them.  They look like actual blaster cannons.  They store on his back.  They’re neat.  Flintlock gives Kup the ability to fire armor melting blasts from them.  Ouch.

Kup is a PicKUP truck.  He always has been.  His Classics earth mode was nice, but to me, THIS is how Kup is supposed to look.  He’s a cybertronian pickup truck with a flatbed that stores his guns or some Titan Master dudes, or whatever.  This is also evidence that you need to photograph him under the perfect light or you end up with a green blob.  But trust me, he looks great.

I love that we’re basically getting the entire ’86 Movie cast through this line.  I sort of have this idea to recreate almost the entire movie using Titans Return figures but that seems like a lot of aspiration for something I’d probably not get around too.


  1. Thanks bud, yeah, I’m getting back to my roots, simple fun reviews in written format. Having a blast doing so! Kup’s whole wave is great!

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