Titans Return Wave 4: BRAWN

Oh Hasbro, you cheeky monkeys.  Back in Wave 2 of the Titans Return line, we got a single pack Titan Master named Brawn.  His tiny robot mode was based on his G1 Toy, his Titan Master head mode was based on his traditional, G1 cartoon appearance.  He came with a little Jeep vehicle weapon.  He was neat!  Then Wave 4 hit.

And here’s Brawn again! Say whaaa?  This time, Brawn is a legends class figure, and believe me when I say this: he’s one of the best legends class toys we’ve gotten in a while!

Brawn is a sturdy little guy, with tight ball joints and he even has heels that flip out for plenty of stability for posing.

He transforms in a very traditional way, with the only part not evidently clear is his back panel in Vehicle mode can be removed and used as a shield or pegged onto his back, where it’s tucked away and out of sight.

I mentioned before that I love how the legends class guys can store the Titan Master guys in vehicle mode.  Brawn has the best compartment yet, entirely self contained.  You can keep the Titan Master in there even in robot mode.

While it’s somewhat strange that we’ve gotten two Brawns, we don’t get a lot of fiction to flesh out the story, leaving a lot of it up to your own imagination and liking.  Because of this, I totally dig two Brawns and love that they can form a strike team.

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