Takara Movie the Best MB-10: Dinoride Strafe and Bumblebee

Ugh, I’m super behind again.  I’m going to be focusing and hammering out quite a few review posts over the next week, so stay tuned, as there are some exciting  figures to review, including Trypticon!

There isn’t a whole lot to say here with Strafe (aka Swoop).  While Grimlock had a new, earth-y color scheme, Strafe here reprises his original blue from the AOE line, albeit with some clear-plastic wings, which is a nice touch.


The main pull here is the tiny AOE Bee he comes with.  With a surprising amount of detail painted on, he’s pretty nice, thought given Strafe is a deluxe class, I really think adding a Stinger to the set would have been a nicer touch.

Over all they look very nice together, and while this gimmick was short lived, I would have liked to have seen the rest of the Autobots paired up with the Dinobots.

It’s a nice set, but hardly worth the import cost without Stinger being added in.  It honestly feels a bit “phoned in” but then again so does this review.

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