Takara MP-11ND: DIRGE

I know this is totally “1st World Problems” but I have so many toys I need to open and review that I need to keep continuously hammering on my back log.  One such toy is this gem, Masterpiece Dirge!


So, these Conehead MPs are a little…odd.  They aren’t MAINSTREAM Takara releases, they’re Takara Mall releases, so they usually have very bare-bones packaging, different styled bio cards (which drives my OCD nuts by the way….) and the instructions are usually just the step by step guide, no the bells and whistles (read: animation frames and detailed write ups) of the normal issued MP toys.

That being said, Dirge, like Thrust and Ramjet before him, is gorgeous.  I’m so happy to have the Conehead Seekers complete!  Dirge, like his brethren, is a heavy retool of the MP-11 mold.  Much like the MP-10 mold, these thing has seen a lot of milage and just like MP-10, it still holds up just fine.  In fact, Dirge feels more sturdy than my Starscream, so there you go.


The detailing and paint apps are clean and crisp and while he lacks some of the more over the top stickers that the G1 toy features, he looks very animation accurate, which is generally what the MP toys go for these days.

Jet mode looks great.  He is lacking his “pin stripe” wing designs, but again, it’s more for animation accuracy than anything else.  Dirge’s jet mode is my favorite of the Conehead Seekers, and this really doesn’t disappoint.


My only real “complaint” if you can call it that, for jet mode is that he lacks the Takara stand peg-hole so you can use the newer stands.  He does still feature the tabs that the original MP Seekers used, but you can also just run the Takara stand peg up through his hands and it’s pretty steady.


Otherwise, there are just a few areas where QC is a touch lacking, which normally doesn’t irk me that much, but given the price of these “Takara Mall Exclusives” it can bite a little harder.  Luckily it’s really just the knee slide joint catches from time to time.  Nothing structural.


I’m thrilled with these guys.  We desperately need more Decepticon Masterpiece toys, and it’s difficult to have that happen given the main cast of the G1 cartoon’s early seasons were pretty limited and Devastator seems highly unlikely.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the Insecticons, because otherwise we’ll just be getting Autobot car repaints (which I don’t hate).


As always, I get all of my Takara Transformers from Agabyss Online!

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