Transformers The Last Knight Megatron (Voyager & Leader Class Review)

Again, the redeeming factor for The Last Knight is the toy line.  Megatron’s return may have no explanation, and his new appearance may be entirely ignored in the film, but at least we have an awesome pair of toys to choose from.  I’m going to cover both class sizes here because they are both great, and both have some significant pluses and minuses.  So let’s jump right in.


Let’s start with the voyager class – he shipped with the voyager class (and new mold) of Optimus Prime.  His paint apps are quite nice, especially with he golden highlight detailing.  The metallic grey is a bit dark on camera unfortunately.


His transformation is intuitive and unique, with the final result being a very screen accurate jet form that looks spectacular!

Plus he has the Takara stand post socket molded in, a increasingly common aspect that Hasbro is adding to their releases and very much appreciated!

Leader class Megs features some subtle changes in the paint/detailing, notably the gold across this forehead instead of the clear red.


The gold detailing is a bit brighter as well, and quite a bit more intricate.  The major change however, is that he also includes via a very interesting design, his battle mast, that rotates into place via a small switch on the back of his head.


It’s such a cool design.  You flip the switch and his mouth and mask are on a rotating axis, that folds upward so his mask is in place, but then the horns/tusks whatever you want to call them, also collapse inward so they’re closer to his face.  Honestly this is probably the biggest draw for the Leader class toy.  That battle mask looks so nice when in place that it’s makes him a whole new toy.


Leader class Megs shipped with the old, AOE Leader Class Prime, which isn’t the best mold (and is NOT pictured here, this is the Takara Movie Advanced version).  They look quite good together however, and it’s a nice match up I supposed, though I can’t suggest buying that Leader Class Prime at full price seems there’s little to no difference from he last version.

Unfortunately, Leader Megs’ fusion cannon is far less screen accurate than the Voyager class version’s.  The cannon has the two sides of his jet mode’s fuselage attached, and it just looks a bit off to be honest.  It’s not a major deterrent, just less streamlined from the Voyager class.

He does come with these two flame accessories which are pretty unique and also pretty awesome.  They seem versatile enough for a bunch of other ideas as well so it’s a nice little bonus.

It’s difficult to recommend one over the other to be honest.  I really like the Voyager class’ transformation, and he’s certainly more cost-affordable than the Leader class, but the Leader class’ battle mask, flame accessories, and overall size of his jet mode are really nice as well.  How big is his jet mode?  This big:


I mean it’s huge.  I put up Generations Thundercracker so there’s a general sense of size/scale here.  I guess it comes down to your personal preface.  The good news is that both are really neat toys and really don’t disappoint, so that’s a major plus for both.

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  1. Fun review and great pics! Having messed with both of these, I think my lean is towards the voyager just because I think the transformation is more fun. I do REALLY love the mask gimmick on the leader class, though.

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