Transformers Titans Return: WINDBLADE

Oh Windblade.  I’ve never really liked the idea behind you.  I sorta felt like the whole “fanbase voted for a Waifu” idea would stick in my craw for your entire existence.  Your first toy wasn’t exactly a home run either, so yeah… but then they put you in RID, and while I don’t watch the show that much, your toy was much better!  IDW did wonders for your character development (sorta…) and now…well…I guess third time’s the charm!


It shouldn’t be a surprise that a line which has consistently been hitting it out of the park nailed this new take on Windblade, but what can I say, she’s fantastic!  At her base, base, very bottom base, Windblade uses the “frame” of Scourge, like Highbrow.  But that’s about where it stops.  You really wouldn’t know this was a “retool” unless you’re looking to poke the tiniest of holes in this otherwise amazing example of the character.

Windblade’s joints are all perfectly secure, her Titan Master socket no longer has the ‘bobble head’ issue that the Scourge frame is notorious for, and let’s be honest, Hasbro did a PERFECT job on her “kabuki” styled face sculpt and paint.  There is nothing to complain about on this toy.

Windblade comes with two swords this time, and while her stylized Energon Blade from the previous toys was pretty dang nice, her new swords give you the option to have them separated, or combined into a “Combiner Killer” Claymore of sorts, which is radical.

Her Titan Master, Scorchfire, apparently gives her the power to engulf her sword in fire, which is an oddly specific power, but works just fine for me.  I guess you could argue she could have used a flame accessory for her sword, but that would add to cost and people already gripe about the price of deluxe so, yeah.


Transformation to jet mode is fast and fun and utilizes the “extend-a-hip” design to allow her legs to fold over onto her back.


Her VTOL fans rotate to any angle, and naturally Scorchfire or any other Titan Master can ride in the cockpit or peg onto the Titan Master pegs.

She also has a Takara stand peg hole which is always appreciated for Jet-formers.   You can also store her swords under her wings, which I’m not a huge fan of because it takes away from her aerodynamic look.


Windblade comes in a wave of three deluxes all of which are substantially retooled from past figures from the line, but each one feels entirely unique and seems her original toy falls utterly short of doing the character justice, I can’t recommend her enough.


EDIT: In case you’re wondering, yes, of course, she can hold her original sword, just fine.


One comment

  1. I NEVER would have guessed that this was a Scourge retool. Great job, Hasbro! And also, paint on the Titan Master! Woohoo!

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