Transformers The Last Knight: Infernocus


Okay, this was an interesting idea.  Hasbro unlikely had the budget to fund a full on version of the combiner known as Infernocus from The Last Knight (and in my personal opinion, one of the only cool aspects to that movie), but wanting to have the character in toy form, they thought outside the box on this and retooled the old Beast Hunters Abominus toy.   Neat!


Now, granted, he’s not exactly screen accurate.  But they did a fantastic job of using the dark, metallic paint to match his look in the movie, and the bright orange, while not character accurate, still adds a nice level of pop to the toy for sure.   I do like the whole tampographed glyphs and “metallic scratch” damage they added on too.


The neat thing is, with the new torso-bot, the toy stands as tall as a Voyager class figure, so that’s a major plus.  The limbs feel nice and secure as well, with improved connections in the knees and strong plastic for the legs to actually support the toy (unlike the clear Target version of Abominus).


The main draw here is the brand new mold for the torso: Skulk.  Skulk is interesting as he doesn’t have an alt-mode.  Or, his alt-mode is a chest.  However you want to look at it.  The other four limbs are just repaints, and function as such, but Skulk is brand new, is about the size of a Scout class figure (remember Scout class?).  He has functional knees and shoulder rotation and two combinable sword/club things as well.


The toy has its limitations of course. The leg bots (who’s names are goofy and not worth remembering) transform into (one average and one very below average) legs, but again the stronger plastic allows for the combined form to actually stand with no problems.  Infernocus also has no hands, as the Sinnertwin and Cutthroat guys make the arms and the “fists” are basically Cutthroat’s bird mouth and Sinnertwin’s forelegs and dual heads as “grippers”.  However the combined sword fits in the bird mouth very secure and Skulk’s shoulder joint can actually support the weight, so that’s a big plus!  I’m happy we got a toy out of Infernocus, and while he may not be perfect, he’s still a functioning combiner so that’s a win in my book.

And then they were all dead….thanks Michael Bay.

Finally, as a small little bonus, he comes with a tiny clear blue Quintessa.  She doesn’t do anything, but it’s a nice touch.  I still have no idea what she was supposed to be or why she was on Cybertron…


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