Transformers Titans Return: Seaspray

OH my goodness, Pizza Delivery Seaspray is just an absolute delight!  I dubbed him “pizza delivery” Seaspray because his initial pictures when he was announced showed him holding his weapon, which does look very much like a pizza box.


But really, it’s a rocket launcher and doubles as his adorable G1-esque tummy!


In a desperately needed update to his G1 minibot form (and ignoring the Universe version that was a voyager I think….), Hasbro comes out swinging for the fences with everything you’d possibly want in a Seaspray!  From his bold, primary color scheme, to his perfect face sculpt with visor (And eyes!), he packs a lot of awesome in a small, little package.


But unlike his G1 Counterpart, he also has some great articulation and pose-ability thanks to copious amounts of ball joints and swivel joints.


He also has, what I think is supposed to be, a Takara stand post underneath, but it could also be intended for some other use, as it doesn’t have the hexagonal Takara stand appearance.  Either way, you can have him airborne if you so want!

Not enough for you huh?  Well how about this little nugget of fan-love?  Remember the G1 episode where Seaspray became human, totally fell in love with an alien chick named Alanna? Well, being a true Navy man, Seaspray has her name, tattooed (read: etched), IN CYBERTRONIAN into his forearms!


His transformation works about how you’d expect with his legs and feet reverse tucking into his body area and his arms, like the G1 toy, forming the other side of his hovercraft side rail.

As with all the legends of this line, Seaspray also has the ability to transport, quite comfortably, any Titan Master.


Problems? Next to none.  His head is a slightly different yellow given they had to paint his visor and eyes, nothing super noticeable unless your neck-bearding.  Mine has a little paint bubble but that’s QC and not universal.  I’ll be curious to see what, if anything, Takara does here to improve because there’s not a lot of room for improvement.  He’s a gem.

“Pizza’s here dude!”


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